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          Risen Energy is a global solar technology company founded in 1986. We make solar PV panels for the retail market, and we supply, fund, construct and operate commercial and utility-scale solar projects.


          quality - capacity - value

          We supply the Australian retail market with solar PV panels and Energy storage systems, and we do procurement for large commercial and utility-scale installations.
          We also have an accredited partnership program working with our direct sales and distribution partners.

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          funding - equity - investment

          We can cut the cost of your business’s energy bills by funding, building and operating your commercial rooftop installation.

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          engineering - construction

          We combine global strength and experience with a strong track record of providing engineering, procurement and construction services for large-scale solar projects.

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          operation - maintenance

          As well as our strengths in manufacturing and construction, we can also offer long-term operation services for large-scale projects.

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